Terence Hammill




'Poshun Pot' (detail) 2013 wood sand graphite H 75cms

'I like to work in series or in sequences of images, usually on several at the same time. My current work could be described as 'untruth-to-materials'.

I laboriously construct, over many months, wooden pots that look as though they are made of cast iron; dead neon signs, made from wood, sand and graphite that signal a lost message, a recipe, an instruction'.


Terence Hammill



'Elephant Teapot' 2013 wood sand H 12cms

'ad tou sings togeser' 2014 wall hung painted wood and sand relief H 68cms W 110cms

'itwilbeerilismalee' 2013 wall hung wood and sand relief H 36cms W 102cms

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