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Chariots of Oxidised Memories.png

 I am an artist inspired by encapsulating memories, a feeling or moment of time. My practice draws from a subjective framework, aiming to convey a personal response to the experience of living.  Using sculpture, assemblage, and digital technologies, I aim to visualise the potential developments that can be created through the manipulation of space, time, materiality, and scale. 


 I believe that sculpture has the potential to push the viewer into an altered state of consciousness, if only for a moment. I explore the relationship between objects-as-sculpture and space, creating a space of solitude in that moment when the viewer and the sculpture only exist. My practice explores these exciting ideas, whilst challenging and pushing the boundaries of what sculpture can be, what can it do and how this confronts us with our materiality. 

Chariots of Oxidised Memories (detail)
Chariots of Oxidised Memories
Unresolved Identity
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