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Lewis Robinson Cumulus, wooden table, wa

Lewis Robinson studied at Loughborough College of Art, Hull School of Art and Newcastle Polytechnic. Since 1982 he has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally in France, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and the USA. In 2013 he was elected as a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors. He has been commissioned for public art works in the North East of England and has work in private collections. He has taught in several Further and Higher Education institutions since 1987 and has lead workshops at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park since 2015. 

Robinsons sculpture are the result of careful selection and piecing together of fragments, remnants and re-appropriation of furniture and found objects. 

The act of making begins with improvising with the ordinary and every day. This has been an underpinning theme over many years and continues to fascinate his curiosity for the unpredictable and strangely familiar within a domestic context.


Increasingly, the found object has been appropriated in his work providing the starting point for a reconstruction or deconstruction. The elements he uses reflect on their original function and collectively reassert themselves, making the familiar, unfamiliar. 

Cumulus 2019

LewisRobinson, Stronghold, wood cabinet,

Stronghold 2020

Lewis Robinson, Are you sitting comforta

Are you sitting comfortably? 2020

Lewis Robinson, Are you sitting comforta

Are you sitting comfortably? 2020 detail