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Simon's work involves the construction of finely-crafted elements, combined in organic systems that draw on a variety of sources. They are predominately conceived through the exploration of landscape, and suggest an association with tools and workshop environments. These abstract sculptures use a minimalist vocabulary of curved, rounded cylindrical, boxy and conical forms and are created using accumulative and labour-intensive processes.


Using industrial and pre-industrial-era crafts, such as wrapping, lamination and joinery techniques associated with furniture-making and boat-building, the work creates a dialogue between traditional lineages and modern art. 

Towers (2022/23)
Plywood, black wax pigment
This way, That Way_edited.png
This Way, That Way (2023)
Plywood, cork, hemp rope
This Way, that Way. 2.jpg
Sketch for the Vertical (2023)
Plywood, black wax pigment
Made Of Something...But Not (2024)
Plywood,PSE timber, hemp, black wax pigment
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