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Deborah Gardner


Comet Tree 2018, Beads, copper pipe, jewellery wire

silver Tree.jpg

Silver Tree 2020, Mixed media

My sculpture practice is materially led, where the haptic and tactile are privileged over industrialised or high-tech fabrication.   Conceptualisation and articulation are mostly driven through process and the activity of making. Form is shaped by accumulation, repetition and multiplicity often resulting in assemblages, which suggest propagation or instability.  Considering the growth patterns and structures of physical phenomena plays a vital role in inspiring work, prompted by activities such as handling geological structures or observing plant growth, imagining cosmological activity or peering at cell structures through a microscope.  Recent projects have explored networkable assemblages, such as hives and colonies, where one unit is dependent on another and imagining plants and biospheres for future landscapes and environments.


Conway Hive 2016, Cardboard

Gardner skull jpg.jpg

Skull 2020, Polymer clay

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