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Sheila Gaffney

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These at least were things she could remember, 2015, bronze

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For me sculpture is a cultural practice that is not ornamental but instrumental in the world. The methods I use to make sculpture are predominantly modelling, casting and walking to and fro. I am interested in how the trace of corporeal or psychic experience is materialised through these ways and means. I identify as a life modeller and acknowledge influences from the European and British sculptural discourses of the late twentieth century, however my definition of ‘life’ when I am modelling relates to my lived experience and the body I inhabit. In this way, the sculpture and other creative outputs made, written and exhibited since 1984, have engaged with ideas such as social class, gender, labour, communities, museology, identity and multi generational ethnicity. 

Embodied Dreaming 1 (Dublin 1965), detail, 2014, bronze, giclée print

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How She Became Not-He, 1994, wax, casein buttons, text (in graphite on wall) 

Liberty ICOM5.2000, 2009, scannogram,  duratrans print

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