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Jill Townsley




Jill's work emphasises the act of making, its system or process. Looking beyond the more usual subject or object, towards procedures that oscillate between process as generative and/or degenerative.

Working in this way raises questions such as: What influences do our culturally agreed procedural systems have on the way we construct or deconstruct our world? More concisely, the work points towards the gap between human processes (systems of research, innovation and culture), and the tangible impact of those systems on the world around us, including the difficult space between human processes and natures ecology. These questions are especially important today as we hand over many social and cultural systems to machines, employing systems that are much more successful at applying processes, and then repeating them draconianly.

Questioning the underlying logic of a system has always connected Jill's work to scientific enquiry. The sculptures invariably embody scientific structures in their form or image.

JT 1- Foraminifera_edited.jpg
Foraminifera  (2023)
3D prints, sculpted in a virtual headset, fake grass and video

Till Rolls  (2011)
JT 6-FOREVER-DO-Installation-6.tiff
JT 5-FDG.tiff
The Forever-Do Game (2019)
2,000 cardboard boxes with RFID chips, 6 antenna and 2 screens

The Forever-Do Sculpture (2019)
Bamboo and Coloured shrink wrap 

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