The Way She looked at Me (broken ceramic with lashes) 

glazed ceramic, suit material, mascara  2018

'I am exploring issues around power, control and change in two distinct yet connected areas of the environment and feminism. I mainly work in sculpture and installation, but also drawing, printing, short video and performance. 

Through my ongoing body of work questioning and responding to patriarchy and violence against women I take the iconic mens’ business suit and subvert its status- systematically deconstructing, re-configuring and re-characterising it. With a focus on dismantling and manipulation, seams are surgically picked apart, material cut, shred, heavily frayed, then pinned, stuffed, hung and embedded with various internal and external forms.

Repeatedly the paired down, de-natured suit parts co-opt female elements: multiple suit pockets are poured full of plaster to resemble udders and remind us of breast feeding- life giving.  Hundreds of ceramic blood red fingerprints create a menstrual-like flow from the scant remains of a pair of unzippered trousers. Though some pieces clearly express anger and frustration at the weight of the subject (all that shredding!) there is playful humour - mascara applied heavily to the fibres of frayed shoulder pads- and optimism, as a bunch of latex nipple casts, vigorously grow upwards like flowers. 

The suits have been taken in, altered and are in a process of change'.

Sally Barker

Hanging Triptych 

waistband and pockets of mens suit trousers, plaster , pins, wire   2019

Breasted Predator

lapels of mens suit, wire, pins, plaster    2018

A Proposition 

waistband and pockets of mens trousers, plaster, pins, wire, glazed ceramic.  2019

Shred & Hung 

mens suit trousers, pins, wire, latex, stuffing, butchers hook.  2018

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