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Linda Thompson




Linda was a founder member of Yorkshire Sculptors Group in 1985. Since that time she has exhibited widely with the group, and also at selected and solo exhibitions. 

Her work is often figurative and responds directly to a personal or historical location or event. At other times she responds in an abstract way, working from the sense of balance and mass to be found in the rocky landscapes of North Yorkshire. However even here figurative elements have a tendency to suggest themselves within her sculpture.

Having experimented with a wide range of media earlier in her career she now works mainly in ceramics and water based resins.

'Child' painted ceramic


'Child's Feet' painted ceramic


'Trek' glazed ceramic

Hi there.JPG
Resurrection Rhythm.jpg
Mother and Child.JPG

'Hi there' ceramic rubbed with oxides

'Resurrection Rhythm' resin on carved polystyrene

'Mother and Child' ceramic rubbed with oxides

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