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Nicholas Vaughan



Coal-Spire (1).jpg

Nicholas Vaughan is a visual artist with a varied practice from sculpture to drawing and installations, often developing fictional texts to illustrate his artwork. His art practice is an exploration of social issues with an interest in communities, how they are represented and what that says about the culture they are part of. The projects Vaughan develops explore themes of cultural heritage, identity, personal memory, subversive systems, and social change (imposed or self-created). With the combination of these subjects, the artist’s aim is to make work that questions social and political issues in a language that speaks to the audience and makes them connect, rethink, or question their own concepts, drawing from their own sense of self in the environment they inhabit.

Although heavily based in the visual arts, his projects always encompass several layers, from written work to talks with the artist, with invited speakers, to creative workshops. Vaughan believes that art should play to all the audiences’ senses, and this does not have to be restricted to one space or time but rather extend itself, creating a greater reach and providing an in-depth experience to those taking part. Like the pieces of a puzzle, people can engage with one, several or all elements of his projects. Each element will have enough weight to be a stand-alone piece, but the more pieces you gather the fuller the picture you get. Vaughan’s artwork creates the fulcrum in which all the other parts gather.

'Coal Spire'


Coal Spire - Clinker Project'


'Storm Surge at Spurn Point'


'Nerve War Project - Installation View'

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