David Sprakes
The tactile, sensory qualities of objects both man-made and natural, are a constant inspiration. Forms, space, texture, surface, rhythm and the shape and feel of things play a central role in the development and construction of my sculpture.
The themes that recur in my work are contemplation, abstraction, erosion, unearthed forms and structures found and seen in the fabricated and natural world.
The underpinning concept of my sculpture is truth to materials, allowing their visual and tactile qualities to become the key message of each work.
I am an elected member of the Royal Society of British Artists and the Manchester Academy of Fine Art.

Pierced Form: Blade   Patinated Bronze
Tidal Form   Herculite plaster carving with copper leaf
River and Moon   Silver coated steel and Ancaster stone
Severed Form   Patinated and polished bronze

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